Making Waves 2015

Rare sight on Montgomery Canal

You won’t often see boats south of Welshpool on the Montgomery Canal – but this year there’s a rare chance to not only see one but ride on it.

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The launch of the new cuckoo boat is the culmination of Chesterfield Canal Trust’s New Dawn project

Replica ‘Cuckoo Boat’ Launched

A ‘cuckoo boat’ – the characteristic working narrowboat of the Chesterfield Canal (nobody’s quite sure where the name came from) – is now floating on the canal for the first time in many years, with the launch of an exact replica of the historic boats.

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The Yorkshire Waterways Museum

Goole museum at risk

Lack of funding leaves Goole Museum in danger of closing

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Hireboat on the Thames tideway

Thames tideway hire ban lifted

Narrowboats on hire will now be able to return to the upper Thames tideway, following the lifting of a ban by the Port of London Authority - but whether they will again be seen on the lower length through central London (as pictured) is yet to be decided.

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Aqueduct Quiz

Can you guess the aqueduct?

Test your canal boating knowledge by guessing the names of these famous British aqueducts

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Kingfisher, Alcedo atthis

Bird watch: 6 species to look out for on the waterways this summer

With the summer approaching, it’s not just boaters who come out to play when the sun shines – the canals are home to no end of different bird species, so much so that many waterways have been rated as nature sites at local and national levels.

Here’s a list of some of the most prevalent ones to keep an eye out for this season; some you’ll see frequently, while others can be a bit shy.

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Pubs along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal

8 of the best pubs along the Leeds & Liverpool canal

The Leeds & Liverpool canal is the lengthiest canal in Northern England at 127 miles - so you may need to stop at a couple of watering holes along the way… We’ve accumulated a list of the top pubs from Leeds to Liverpool, with great mooring points nearby to keep you going on your cruise.

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Cruising the Regent's Canal

How to cruise the Regent’s Canal over 7 days

At only 8.6 miles long, you could cruise the length of the Regent’s Canal in a day; but we believe the charm of the waterways is learning how to slow down not just literally but metaphorically too. We’ve devised a way to make the Regent’s Canal cruise last you a week, from the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal to Limehouse Basin, with plenty of things to see and do along the way.

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Canal Boats

The changes might allow people who’ve always wanted a boat to buy one.

Buying with your pension

Buy a Lamborghini under the new pension rules? We reckon the smart money under the new freedoms is on using some of your pension pot to buy a boat – so we went shopping with £50,000

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This could be your view!

Looking for a holiday? Here are six top places to go both at home and away.

Whether you’re a narrowboat novice or a lock navigating expert, we’ve chosen six of our favourite locations to take a canal boating holiday across Europe.

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File Photo

Can you guess the lock?

So you think you are a canal boating expert? Test your knowledge by guessing the names of these famous British locks

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Even if you’re prepared to take the loss, your boat can still cause expensive damage

Helpful hints for boat owners

Owning a boat offers the ultimate escapism - but also some real issues for boat owners too!

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