Scottish Traditional Boat Festival bans bananas

Leave your banana peels at home!

Leave your banana peels at home! - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The Scottish Traditional Boat Festival took drastic measures to ensure there were no slip-ups this year…

Anyone who’s ever been involved in organising a boat rally, festival or gathering will know how much behind-the-scenes effort goes into making sure the event goes smoothly without any slip-ups or last-minute hitches.

But at the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival they went one further and made sure there were literally no slip-ups – by banning bananas from the festival.

Apparently there’s an ancient seafaring tradition of sailors regarding them as unlucky. Why? Nobody knows for sure. It might be the hazards of overloaded banana boats; risky fast schedules needed to transport the fruit before it went bad; dangerous spiders hiding in the cargo; or simply the danger of sailors slipping on the skins!