Some progress… thanks to my good mate Pete Herbert

My apologies for being so slow, but I am having to improvise in my endeavours to build my own 3ft model narrowboat, supplied in kit form from Dean’s Marine, Peterborough. As mentioned last month, the removable stern deck is now ready for the railing, and as I have never soldered anything nor have I any gear, I’ve decided to use wood instead.

First, I drew two templates, top and bottom so they matched and then I asked my good mate Pete Herbert (cabinet maker extraordinaire) to cut them out accurately, which he did with ease. I then glued the bottom one to the deck then drilled and joined them together using bits of wood from the kit and a couple of cocktail sticks and the end result looks okay.

I’ve included a picture of how it should be done in an ideal world. I’ve also built up the ladder and control panel (see images) and bent the tiller to shape, though it still needs a bit of fine tuning! I should get the stern deck painted by next month and a bit more of the internal walls/fittings done.