‘What have you lost in the cut?’ Facebook post sparks hilarious thread

What have you lost to the canals? (photo: Sam Carlquist, Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

What have you lost to the canals? (photo: Sam Carlquist, Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) - Credit: Archant

A simple question on the Narrowboat Owners Group on Facebook has got people sharing their objects lost to the canals

A user on the popular Narrowboat Owners Group on Facebook has sparked a hilarious conversation after she posted the question “what silly things have you lost at the bottom of the cut?” after she accidently dropped the base to her vegetable steamer into the canal while disposing of water. The replies came pouring in from some of the group’s users of over 6,400 members.

“The Great Canal God always demands a sacrifice when we go cruising. So far glasses, a hat and walkie talkie” complained one user. It seems the Great Canal God is more demanding than usual recently as the 120+ replies to the post can attest.

Accessories were a major contender for most-dropped with one user bemoaning the loss of her Gucci sunglasses (punctuated with crying face emojis), another his spectacles that “fell off my face” and a third man whose wedding ring went overboard... when he threw it in.

Plenty of boaters have dropped their phones including a “brand spanking new iPhone”, a “six week old iPhone six plus” and one user who “was flapping my duvet one summer and had forgotten my mobile phone was wrapped up inside from the night before”.

Canal dredgers will have an unusual time hauling the slew of miscellany lost in the depths if this lot is anything to go by: a video camera, a hearing aid, walkie talkies, a pair of trousers, a walking stick, a dog lead, carving knives, hats blown off by the wind, a few dogs (luckily retrieved), one cat (unfortunately not retrieved), wine glasses, car keys, a screwdriver, a cafetiere of coffee, a garden gnome and “the metal dog from a Monopoly board game”.

One of our favourites is from the user whose simple answer “my sanity” best illustrates the frustrations of losing your possessions in the cut.

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