Towpath walkers exploring the disused canal are being warned to avoid contact with the water

The Grantham and Denton Reservoir have seen blooms of blue-green algae, which can be harmful to the skin. It can cause allergic reactions, including itchy eyes, skin irritation and symptoms similar to hay fever.

While the Grantham is a disused canal (but currently undergoing restoration), it is a popular spot for walkers and anglers so the CRT has issued warnings for everyone to avoid contact with the water.

Blooms can turn the water green, blue-green or greenish brown, and sometimes cause jelly-like scums.

The algae levels are being monitored so the most effective cause of action can be determined.

Sean McGinley, CRT waterway manager, said: “We’re asking people to be extra careful and if they or their pets came into contact with the affected water, they should wash all exposed skin with clean water as soon as possible.

“If they are in any doubt about their health after contact with algae, they should seek medical advice.”


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