River Thames




England’s most famous river is also its longest, being navigated regularly by inland craft for 150 miles from Inglesham in Gloucestershire to east London. Remote and isolated in its upper meanderings above Oxford, the river gradually becomes busier as it reaches the more populous reaches through Abingdon, Wallingford and Goring to Reading. The most well-known lengths follow, with Boulters Lock, the Henley Regatta course and Windsor Castle overshadowing the river and Hampton Court Palace standing on its north bank on the approach to the capital. At Teddington the Thames becomes tidal, and those travelling on to the Grand Union at Brentford must time their trip according to the tables. For the experienced, the trip downstream from Brentford through Central London to Limehouse Basin in a suitable craft is a journey not to be missed, while for those with suitable knowledge and craft the estuary provides a connection to the River Medway.Inglesham to Limehouse 146 miles 45 locksMaximum dimensions: length 120ft (below Oxford), 109ft 10in (above Oxford), beam 17ft 9in (below Oxford), 14ft 8in (above Oxford)


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