London visitors ‘would pay to moor’

Regents Canal

Regents Canal - Credit: Martin Ludgate

With more boaters heading to the capital’s waterways, pressure is growing on the limited mooring spaces

Almost three out of five boaters wanting to visit London would be prepared to pay to book a visitor mooring, while five-sixths of boaters who haven’t visited the capital cite worries about mooring space as a reason.

These are among the results of a survey forming part of the Canal & River Trust’s London Mooring Strategy development.

With over 1,300 more boats arriving in London since 2012 leading to pressure on space, the strategy is looking at all types of moorings on London’s canals.

Following an initial free bookable mooring at Rembrandt Gardens, Little Venice, the survey identified that most visiting boaters would be prepared to pay around £10 to £15 per night to book a guaranteed visitor mooring berth.

A trial will therefore be launched late this year.

Meanwhile a mooring survey is under way; new long-term sites are being sought; and the Strategy will be finalised by the end of 2017.

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