Huddersfield Narrow Canal


The Huddersfield Narrow Canal was the shortest, highest and most difficult to build of the three trans-Pennine waterways. It was also the least successful, and closed in 1944. Over the following years locks were demolished, sections were filled in and built on, the great tunnel at Standedge suffered roof falls, and the canal fell into such a state that proposals to restore it were dismissed as ‘impossible’. But thanks to the determination of its supporters – and funding from the Lottery – the impossible restoration was completed and the canal reopened in 2001. A three-mile tunnel (with haulage by tug), 74 locks in 20 miles, and some very tight clearances on a number of structures mean that this is not the easiest canal to cruise – but the spectacular Pennine views interspersed with gritty industrial mill-town scenery make it well worthwhile.20 miles 74 locksMaximum dimensions: length 72ft, beam 6ft 10in

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