A new scheme to reduce pollution and prevent overcrowding on the waterways of Amsterdam now requires most boats transiting the city to purchase a vignette.

Costing €40 and valid for three years, the charge applies to all Amsterdam waterways – including the Standing Mast Route used by hundreds of boats each year – with the exception of a few major waterways such as the Nordzeekanaal and Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal.

The vignette (doorvaartvignet) is a credit card type device containing a ‘chip’ to identify the boat, which must be ordered online before entering the waterways and can be collected at various locations in Amsterdam upon arrival.

Although summary information on the scheme is available in English here, the major snag is that the online application can at present only be completed in Dutch, which presents a problem for most foreign boaters.

The CA’s European Inland Waterways Section (EIWS) has helped decipher the application process with a 13-page guidance note explaining the fine details of the scheme and providing step-by-step translations of the numerous online pages to be navigated when ordering and paying for the vignette. Members and non-members can download the EIWS guidance note free of charge.

About the EIWS

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