Gloucester & Sharpness Canal

Gloucester & Sharpness Canal






The Gloucester & Sharpness Canal was built as a ship canal to avoid the dangerous tidal waters and shifting sands of the Severn estuary. Although Sharpness Docks are still used regularly by shipping and commercial freight occasionally travels the full length of the canal, it is now more popular with pleasure boaters. The canal is notable for its swingbridges, most of them accompanied by a classically-styled keeper’s cottage with columns and pediment. At its upper end the canal connects to the Severn Navigation via Gloucester Docks, now no longer used but with the many warehouses converted to alternative uses including the National Waterways Museum in Llanthony Warehouse.

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16 miles 2 locksMaximum dimensions: length 240ft, beam 30ft (Except Gloucester Lock length 135ft, beam 21ft)


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