Environment Agency Waterways: Speed Limit Reminder

Speed Gun for Boats

Speed Gun for Boats - Credit: searchamelia.com

Easy does it, don’t make waves

Environment Agency Waterways staff are increasing speed checks on non-tidal River Thames due to the increasing number of boats breaking the 8km/h (5mph) speed limit.

According to the Environment Agency the problem of speeding boats is widespread and the excessive wash they create is destroying wildlife habitats, riverbanks as well as being dangerous for other river users.

Posters are being displayed on locks and leaflets are handed out to river users until the upcoming Bank Holiday Monday on the 26th of August.

The Environmental Agency’s Waterways Enforcement Manager Nick McKie- Smith stated: “We want boaters to slow down, take it easy and not make waves, we want all rivers users to enjoy their time on the river and stay within the law.”