Why not try the Trent?

Why not try the Trent?

Why not try the Trent? - Credit: Archant

What puts boaters off cruising on the River Trent? Is it their lack of experience, perception that it’s risky, or do they just prefer the feel of the narrow canals to the wide rivers? These questions are being asked by a short online survey that aims to understand why many boaters don’t venture onto the Trent, how to encourage more boaters to give rivers a try.

The survey, conducted by the Canal & River Trust together with The Boating Association and The Inland Waterways Association, aims to get a better understanding of boaters’ perceptions of tidal, non-tidal and canalised lengths of the Trent – and rivers in general. CRT East Midlands Partnership Chair Danny Brennan said the Trust believed “Every boater should experience the River Trent at some point in their lives”, but recognised there were “some things we could do to encourage them to do so,” such as better charts, written information, a chance to ‘buddy up’ with other boats, online videos or briefing sessions.

To take part in the survey see surveymonkey.com/r/MQ7RDTZ.

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