Vandals most likely cause for Wolverhampton canal being drained

Between Carvers and the Cannock Road Bridge | Jim Vale

Between Carvers and the Cannock Road Bridge | Jim Vale - Credit: Archant

It is not the first time this stretch of waterway has been hit, causing disruption to boaters and thousands of pounds in damage

Vandals are thought likely to be responsible for draining several sections of canal within the Wolverhampton flight of 21 locks, which halted any boats from passing through.

Most severely affected was between Carvers and the Cannock Road Bridge, as reported in the Express & Star, before engineers from the Canal & River Trust refilled the drained sections. Luckily, there have been no reports of environmental damage.

“Sadly this type of incident isn’t uncommon,” said the Trust’s communications manager Stephen Hardy.

“We don’t know the exact cause – it’s most likely to be vandalism or a boater mistakenly leaving the sluices open. Given the time of year, it’s perhaps most likely to be the former.”

The 21 locks – part of the Birmingham Canal Navigations Main Line connecting to the Staffs & Worcs – have fallen victim to vandalism several times in recent years. The canal had to be closed in 2013 when lock paddles were opened, causing flooding that resulted in £80,000 of damage to a lock chamber wall. Two years later, vandals opened the paddles at all 21 locks at the same time.


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