The Macc springs a leak, again

Bridge 33 of the Macc | Dr Hilary Rhodes, Flickr CC2.0

Bridge 33 of the Macc | Dr Hilary Rhodes, Flickr CC2.0 - Credit: Archant

Engineers had to be called in for emergency repairs to the Macclesfield Canal after the third leak this year

A structural failure was discovered on bridge 33 at Hurdsfield, which was causing a substantial leak into a culvert.

The waterway and towpath had to be closed as CRT engineers investigated. They managed to reopen the canal after making temporary repairs, but further work was needed to fully rectify the problem.

It is another setback on the Macc, which has been hit by two other issues in the last few months, both on the Bollington stretch.

The initial leak was discovered between bridges 26 and 27 in May, leading to the canal being closed so it could be drained. Then only a few weeks later, boaters and walkers were told the same stretch was restricted again, as the repairs had failed.

David Baldacchino, CRT waterway manager, said at the time: “The Macclesfield Canal is extremely popular for boaters and it is an important part of the local community, Unfortunately these sorts of things can happen to a structure which is nearly 200 years old but we are taking swift action to repair it.”


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