A section of the Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal has been closed until further notice after a rain-soaked embankment started to move.

After the exceptionally heavy rainfall of recent weeks, engineers detected ground movement in a length of embankment at Llanfoist, on a length where the canal runs along the valley side, and there has been a history of problems – including a major breach in 2008 which left a section of the canal closed and drained for 18 months (pictured). The Canal & River Trust therefore closed the canal from bridge 93 to Bridge 97 and drained it as a precaution and for investigation work.

Meanwhile elsewhere, water levels on river navigations remain sufficiently high that boaters are advised not to navigate; the entire length of the Thames has been on ‘red boards’ (dangerous to navigate) for some weeks, and on several rivers there are flood gates closed preventing navigation.

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