Keep track of all things boating with your free digital organiser, MyBoat; access all your boating documents in one place, keep track of running costs and set reminders for important tasks

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Launched by GJW Direct in 2018, MyBoat is your FREE digital boat management system where you can keep track of all of your important boating documents. No longer is there a need to store all of your paperwork in a drawer and have to search through to find what you’re after. MyBoat allows you to reach everything you need with just a few clicks – anytime, anywhere!

This is a great convenience, however, it’s not all that MyBoat offers to its members – you can also keep track of the running costs for each of your vessels and set reminders when it’s time to renew your boat insurance or get parts and equipment serviced. The days of misplacing important documents or worrying about remembering the date when your lifejackets need servicing are gone – now all of this information will be at your fingertips.

Not only this, MyBoat also offers users access to our national 5-day weather and tide forecast that is incredibly useful when you’re planning your next boating adventure. Members can also keep up to date with all of the latest news, views and so much more.

Another huge benefit to using MyBoat as your digital boat organiser is that GJW insurance customers will benefit from special prices and exclusive discounts from a range of renowned marine brands, including:

and many more!

We’ve created a clear visual guide that shows you everything that MyBoat can offer to you…

Become a MyBoat member today and start using this FREE pivotal boating tool.


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