The Boat Safety Scheme is urging boaters to check the regulators on their propane and butane gas cylinders as well as their fire blankets, after manufacturers issued product recall notices for faulty items of both types.

The gas cylinder regulators were made by Clesse Industries, which has implemented a recall on its regulator product family BP1803 because of concerns about possible failure. The regulators are used with both propane (red) and butane (blue) cylinders, and the recall involves three versions: directly cylinder mounted; wall mounted single cylinder; and two cylinder manual changeover. Boaters should check the maker’s label: if it says ‘BP1803’ and carries a date in figures between ‘06/10’ and ‘09/15’, it should be changed. Follow this link to register for a recall.

Fire blankets from the Kidde and Lifesaver brands in 1 metre square size are also being recalled following concerns about their effectiveness at dealing with open pan fires. If you have one of these, see for details of how to get it replaced.

BSS Manager Graham Watts said “It’s important that boaters and boating organisations pay attention to such product recalls and safety alerts”, urging boaters to “set aside five minutes and check their equipment against the information in the recall.”

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