“Beware the Bug,” says RCR

PUBLISHED: 11:07 13 June 2014 | UPDATED: 11:07 13 June 2014

Fuel filter gauze clear and blocked

Fuel filter gauze clear and blocked


Supplies of fuel contaminated with diesel bug are suspected of being the reason behind an unexpected rise in fuel-related call-outs to River Canal Rescue’s waterways breakdown service.

It’s normal immediately after winter for RCR to find itself dealing with increasing numbers of fuel tanks containing water or diesel bug – a bacteria that grows from water in the fuel, and can block fuel filters (pictured, right). But for cases to suddenly go from zero to nine in a week in early June is a surprise.

Managing Director Stephanie Horton, commented “Many of the diesel bug problems appear to be after people have filled their vessel, so it could be a fuel supply issue.” RCT is therefore offering free Marine 16 fuel treatment to anyone who calls 01785 785680 in June. It usually sells for around £7 per 100ml bottle, which will treat a typical full tank.

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