10 nostalgic old videos of the canals

PUBLISHED: 12:36 08 March 2019 | UPDATED: 12:53 08 March 2019

Caldon Canal (1963) (photo: robert_laynton, Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Caldon Canal (1963) (photo: robert_laynton, Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


We’ve found some amazing vintage archive footage that capture some moments in canal boating history

• Corn By Canal (1940)

“Now that transport is so vitally important, a great deal of attention is focused on the canal and the traffic of the barges.”

• Canals To Help War Effort (1941)

• Holidays On Canals (1961)

“Who’d have thought it was a day in March and barely a train’s length away from Paddington Station? British Waterways call it ‘Little Venice’.”

• Canal Rally

“Now the canals are a source of pleasure to the many who refuse to let them die.”

• Repainting Canal Boats (1949)

“Barges in full war paint, decked out in the fresh, glowing colours of self-taught artists.”

• Canal Restoration (1962)

“It’s hard work, certainly, but it’ll all seem worthwhile when they’re sipping a cool drink on the steps of a canal-side pub.”

• Canal Cruise Aka River Boat (1957)

“Forget about everything but the serenity and beauty of nature.”

• Barge Lift (1964)

“How do you and how did you lift a canal barge 50-foot to another waterway? The answer: the old and now unique Anderton Barge Lift.”

• Beauty And The Barge (1945)

“In my young days there’s was one job no girl would have touched with a barge pole. Being a bargee was looked upon as a pretty tough job even for a man! That’s all altered now except for the hard work and Audrey, Anne and Evelyn can hold their own even with the old timers.”

• Barge Horses (1947)

“If we could only find the time to stop and watch him, he could teach us – in his quiet and uncomplaining way – many lessons. He can show us the dignity of doing even humble, humdrum tasks with patience and loyalty.”


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