There are many reasons why boat owners choose to replace their windows – often it’s to replace cheaper, inferior windows or because they leak or have reached the end of their life. Promotional feature.

So how do you go about replacing your windows? Dave Pearson from Channelglaze Ltd offers valuable inside advice.

The process starts with an initial enquiry when you discuss your requirements and get any advice you need. Companies should ask for your mooring address and the quantity of windows you require, along with some standard questions that enable them to give you an accurate quotation. This will generally include a price for the measuring, supply and fitting of your windows.

Should you decide to measure the windows yourself and reduce some of the cost, they will usually help illustrate what measurements are required and how to take them. This has been done successfully, usually via email and exchanging images of the windows concerned; however, ultimately the responsibility for the accuracy of the measurements are with the boat owner in this instance.

Fitting double-glazed replacement windows offers huge benefits including improved internal warmth, reduced external noise transmission, reduced (often eliminated) condensation levels on both glass and framework, and improved reductions in energy costs.

It’s worth making sure they are tilted by design to accommodate the boat’s tumblehome, allowing what little (if any) condensation that forms to run freely down channels through external drainage slots.

If you are planning to have a full repaint of your boat this is a good time to replace the windows. In this instance it’s a good idea to check in good time with your window company that the windows will be available and ensure they know the relevant dates that the painter has scheduled for your boat.

Here are six top tips to help you make the right choices when replacing your windows:

• Do your research, seek out recommendations and testimonials, and keep your requirements firmly in mind; price, value, quality, security, service, product benefits, options etc.

• Ensure all your enquiries, technical or otherwise are answered fully.

• It’s worth remembering that some windows are designed specifically for hire fleets and are unfit for purpose on leisure craft, especially liveaboard boats.

• Ensure your quotation shows everything you need to know, and if not make sure you bring up areas of concern.

• From time to time windows may need re-glazing or repair work, so check that the company you choose can give effective after-sales care and can help repair or re-glaze products that might become damaged due to collisions etc.

• If you are having a boat built new, be sure to specify the designs that you want – this is your dream and your investment. Poor quality windows and fittings may lead to more costly maintenance costs in the future.

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