Utilising the space onboard your canal boat effectively can make vast improvements to the enjoyment of your narrowboat. Whether you liveaboard permanently, or prefer to use your canal boat for weekend leisure time and enjoying with family and friends, simple but effective changes to your narrowboat interior layout can greatly enhance its usability and enjoyment.

Curating the perfect narrowboat layout
Don’t be dictated by the size of your narrowboat. Whilst the greater the length of the craft does afford more physical space, it doesn’t mean that careful configuration cannot grant extra usable space and increased storage. For an enhanced narrowboat interior, even the cosiest of cabins can be made to feel much more spacious with clever planning. 

Let in the Light
Bathing the interior in natural light will instantly boost the feeling of space. Using larger windows will maximise this effect, but be careful not to go overboard. Fewer, larger windows are preferable to many small windows, which can hinder practicality and use of wall space. Add in artificial lights for versatility throughout, so that the interior is well lit even on the dullest of days.
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Crafty Kitchen
Galley kitchens have long been the ideal for boats, combining streamlined design and sleek units which create free flowing floor space for a practical and highly-usable kitchen. An ideal space saver, this clever configuration makes day-to-day use a joy.
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Switch Up the Space
Flipping the usual configuration and bringing the relaxation area to the front of the boat will grant you the best views as you drift along the canals. Capitalise on versatility by installing a daybed or pull out sofa, which can double as a space for guests when needed.
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Reversed Layout
By moving the lounge, you’ll free up the tail end of the boat for private bedroom space. Having a dedicated retreat will afford you the option for a luxurious  fixed double bed, as well as reserved use of the standing deck. If you’re lucky enough to have a large enough narrowboat, consider adding an extra bedroom with a bunk or pull-out bed. 
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Positioning the master bathroom between the bedrooms and living quarters creates a clever partition. An additional en-suite may be needed for boats with multiple bedrooms, for enhanced privacy. Though if your boat is your own private haven, then a walk-through wet room or en-suite in place of a formal bathroom are both practical and economical use of space.
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Make the Most of the Transformed Layout
Once you’ve transformed your narrowboat, both for your own comfort and for entertaining guests, enjoy your new and improved surroundings to make the most of narrowboat living. From additional DIY and gardening projects, to new spots to cruise whilst relaxing and enjoying life onboard, then be inspired. Make sure you can completely relax in the comfort of your narrowboat sanctuary worry-free by ensuring your narrowboat is insurance for complete peace of mind. Choose a reputable company; GJW Direct have over 195 years of experience, providing leading insurance you know you can trust.

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