Since the birth of the smart phone taking wonderful photographs whilst you’re out and about has never been so easy. We’ve scoured the web and Instagram to find some of, what we feel, are the best photos of our canals. Take a look at let us know if you agree!

From sunsets to stormy skies we love how these photographs capture a multitude of beautiful colours.

Our canals are overflowing with wildlife this time of year.

We really love the way some of these pictures capture reflections in the water.

Believe it or not this wonderful photo is a composite of five different photos!

Have you ever seen a more peaceful photo?

A lot of these photos were taken by the amazing Canalside Art. If you like what you see then check out their website and Facebook page for more photos and information.

Whether it’s summer, spring, winter or autumn there is always something beautiful about the canals and the surrounding area.

We love this one!

Some of these are so good you’d think they were taken by professionals.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to take great photos? Do you want to see your photos in print? We’re now accepting contributions for the 2017 Canal Boat Calendar!

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