Planning your holiday

Canals are not places for the speedy traveller. You can estimate journey times in ‘lock miles’ per hour: to travel 1 mile takes around 20 minutes and it takes about the same time to get through a lock. Hence a two-mile section with one lock (or one mile with two locks) would take you one hour. Allow about 3 lock miles per hour as a reasonable average speed. Also:Get a decent guide book (or two) covering the area you want – and read it before you go – planning is part of the holiday fun.Don’t plan too much. Six hours a day travelling is probably more than enough.Remember that in the summer there can be delays at busy locks. Try to set off early, rather than cruise late (hire boats cannot travel when its dark).Work out in advance where to moor for the evening. Have an alternative if it is busy!Before you go, check out the stoppages (closures) of any parts you will be exploring.

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