Nick Wall’s final editor’s letter for Canal Boat magazine

Nick Wall's final letter as editor of Canal Boat

Nick Wall's final letter as editor of Canal Boat - Credit: Archant

After ten years editing Canal Boat magazine, Nick Wall is moving on, and we wish him all the very best

It’s tempting to use the bus analogy, so I will. After a relatively quiet summer of waterways news, suddenly not one major story comes along but five of them, all together...

First there’s the licensing consultation saga which is grinding its way towards the important Stage 3 full consultation which is due to be announced any day. Then there’s the London moorings report which will say that London has a finite amount of mooring space (obviously) and if boat numbers keep increasing, more will need to be done about it (boat parks further out, perhaps).

Meanwhile, the IWA has been busy haranguing (quite rightly) the EA over the potential sell-off of moorings at Ely and the general state of the EA waterways which, if we’re honest, are pretty rubbish. GOBA (the Great Ouse Boating Association) has weighed in too, and is understandably up in arms about possible EA licence fee increases of 7.5 percent on its patch.

Then there are the concerns about water levels on the canals - we’ve already had some restrictions this year and if we don’t have a wet winter, next year could be tricky.

It might have been a quiet summer, but it seems appropriate that as the weather changes there are autumn storms approaching. Time I left, I reckon...

So, after ten years of having the privilege of discussing all things boating with you in Canal Boat, I’m moving on to make some time for myself - thank you all for putting up with me - may I wish you all, all the very best for the future.

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