What’s coming up in the May issue of Canal Boat

Boat Test: Top Notch 60ft -Impressive new exhibitors at last year’s Crick SHow are back with a raft of innovations.

Epiphany’s Travels – The Slees are lucky getting to the Trent in the short time it was open in-between floods.

What’s on at Crick? – It’s the biggest inland waterways show and here’s what’s happening this year.

Getting High and Dry – We’ve all done it, but how can you avoid going aground, and what can you try if you do?

Cruise Guide: Paddington Arm – Discover this handy link whic has plenty of interest – and some pleasant scenery, too.

Bridging the Gap – There are 920 road bridges crossing the canal network- it all takes some looking after.

And many more regulars

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