Everyone loves going on holiday – getting away from the hustle and bustle and enjoying a hard-earned break from the office – for some, it’s all about sandy beaches and turquoise oceans, for others it’s the culture filled cities bursting with quaint cafés and local restaurants. Why not try something a little different this year and take yourself on a boating holiday. Not convinced? Keep reading!

Relax. With a top speeds of around three miles per hour a boating holiday is the perfect way to slow things down and savour a more tranquil way of life. Sit back and take in the wonderful scenes of our nation’s waterways and the surrounding country as you meander along your canal of choice.


Here’s a few examples to get you started:

Oxford Canal

Regent’s Canal

Llangollen Canal

It’s good for the environment. A canal boat holiday is the most environmentally friendly holiday that you can go on. It is estimated that holidaying on the cut can be up to 20 or 30 times less damaging than a two-hour flight across Europe.


You’re never far from a pub. Our nation’s waterways are littered with a myriad of wonderful pubs and cafes. There is nothing better then finishing a long day of boating with a nice pint of ale in a sunny beer garden along the canalside.


There are hundreds for you to choose from, but here are few of our favourites:

Grand Union Canal

Kennet & Avon Canal

Leeds & Liverpool Canal


You make the rules. A canal boat holiday gives you complete freedom to decide where to go, and which route to take. See a nice little village you want to explore? You can do that. Spot a quaint country pub with home-made ales and a comfy seat? Moor up and spend the day! You’re in charge.


Who says a holiday can’t be healthy? We know exercise probably doesn’t top your list of things you look for in a good holiday, but that shouldn’t stop from enjoying it when the opportunity comes along. There are plenty of wonderful walking spots around our waterways that range from peaceful strolls to challenging treks. we’ve already put together a few guides for you below:

Canalside walks for the summer

London Canal walks

Scenic towpath walks


History and heritage. The ‘Canal age’ although short was revolutionary, it opened Britain to the Industrial Revolution and changed the shape of our nation and the lives of the people living in it, Today our waterways are positively bursting with heritage and history, from gorgeous national heritage sites, and stately homes to awe-inspiring feats of architecture.


Canal boats are comfy? Take a look at some of these marvellous boats and their incredible interiors and then try telling us you’re not interested in a boating holiday…

Wildlife and nature. It’s true that canals were first built for trade and travel purposes but over the years they have become home to huge variety of wildlife from birds to bats. Whether you’re meandering through the heart of a city or drifting through quiet countryside there is always some kind of wildlife to see. Escape the pressures of normal life and get back to nature – canal boat style!


Don’t follow the crowd. Everyone loves a beach holiday, and rightly so, but why not try something a bit different this year? Whether you go with your family, or just a bunch of good friends we can guarantee that a holiday on the cut will be unforgettable. If you’re struggling for ideas then check out this guide to boating holidays.


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