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Looking to transform the interior design of your floating home? Consider how you can bring a modern approach to your decor with bold colour schemes, integrated appliances and more. We’ve got you covered with our top tips for achieving the very best of your narrowboat interior design below. 

Colour scheme
Choosing the perfect colour scheme can sometimes be a challenge. But understanding what tones work best for your personal style can make or break your interior design.  

Brighter colours are an easy way to put your personal stamp on a place. Whether you’re a fan of fully painted walls or simply add the odd vibrant cushion to your neutral scheme, colour helps to bring your scheme together in a cohesive style. 

Similarly, earthier tones are said to evoke strong connections to nature, whilst whites and neutrals create a sense of cleanliness and often gives the illusion of expansion in a smaller space. 

Modernising your narrowboat doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Often, bringing your interior into the modern era can be achieved with a few modifications. 

If your canal boat has a lot of original wood furnishings inside, a simple way to bring this to life is by adding a lick of paint. If you’re a fan of natural wood, you can always opt to sand it down and add a fresh coat of varnish to your furniture or floorboards. 

We all know crafting projects have become increasingly popular in recent years, that’s why if you or a family member is a fan of homemade projects, you can quite easily bring your drab design to life with homemade curtains, cushions or blankets. 

Galley kitchens 
The beauty of adding a galley kitchen into your narrowboat interior means you can take longer journeys across the UK, knowing you have the cooking facilities you’ll need for comfortable living.  

Galley kitchens also take up little space, compared to a regular kitchen, therefore ensuring your interior doesn’t feel cluttered. You’ll also benefit from plenty of storage space and is quick to clean and keep in good working order. 

Whether you live aboard your vessel or use it solely for the odd holiday, it’s important you feel at home. 

Including plants to the interior and exterior of your boat immediately adds a pop of colour to the decor. It also allows you to get back in touch with nature, whilst growing fresh vegetables aboard is an excellent addition to your cooking. 

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